Tri-Stage Replacement Ceramic Disk

$9.10 Excl GST

Replacement Ceramic Disk for Tri Stage Refillable Water Cooler Bottle. 

Ceramic Disk
Filters most impurities from the water with strong absorption abilities and prevents any filter agents from entering the water.

There is no recommendation on when to change your ceramic disk. You may clean the disk as your normally would with a non-abrasive scrub.

Cleaning Your Water Filtration System

The outside of the water filtration system can be wiped with a damp cloth at any time. When the Multi-level filter is being replaced you should rinse out the inner and outer buckets. Please note these parts are not dishwasher safe.

Being away for extended periods of time

When not using the water filter system for more than a week or going on vacation it is recommended that you always drain out any residual water before use again. Never empty the outer bucket before going away as the filter will dry out.

Useful Tips & Precautions

  • Never filter hot water or use it to clean your filters
  • Never remove the water filtration system to fill the sink. Always use a pitcher to fill the system.
  • This unit is not dishwasher safe.
  • Water filtering speed can become a little slow when the quantity of water in the outer bucket increases. Dirty ceramic disks may also cause a decrease in speed.
  • Keep your unit in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Please make sure to clean the inner bucket regularly to avoid dirt and calcium build-up.