IVF service opens in NSW region

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Fertility treatment can be stressful in many ways – especially if you have to travel long distances to receive it.

Riverina Day Surgery in Wagga Wagga is making the process easier for hopeful parents in south-western New South Wales, following the opening of its new in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) service.

Previously locals had to travel hours back and forth to Albury, Canberra or even Sydney in their attempts to bring a baby into the world.

“We have two extremely skilled doctors who have set up Riverina IVF so there is no doubt in my mind the local community is in the very best hands,” CEO/Director of Nursing Megan King said.

“We will work closely with Dr John Esler and Dr Rachael Knight to help people achieve their dream of starting or expanding their family.”

Riverina Day Surgery is part of the Cura Group
Source: http://phnews.org.au/


IVF treatments can often be challenging – some women need multiple courses before they finally conceive, and some may never do so – but Ms King said her team was looking forward to helping change people’s lives in the largely rural Riverina region.

“Being able to offer this is just fantastic for the local community,” she said.

“We are very lucky that in Wagga Wagga there are strong medical services available, and this is just another great addition to that.

“My staff really enjoy helping women through this journey and getting updates on how they are going. It is genuinely a lovely process for us to be a part of.”


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