Why shop with MedicMall?

As Australia’s new online healthcare marketplace, MedicMall gives the healthcare community a smarter way to do business. By becoming members, healthcare providers can find what they need quickly and easily from a handpicked group of suppliers who offer quality products and services.

To see how easy it is to buy and sell on MedicMall, watch our quick demo.

MedicMall for Healthcare Providers

By simplifying the way you buy your healthcare products and services, MedicMall makes the day-to-day management of your practice easier, saving you time and money. Becoming a MedicMall member is free, and lets you choose from a wide range of premium supplies at the best prices, all in one place. You also get exclusive member offers and discounts, along with tools and resources to help you manage your budget and run your practice more efficiently.

Designed to make life easier for practice owners and managers, its features include simple, intuitive navigation and reporting.

MedicMall for suppliers

To help you promote your offering, MedicMall helps you showcase your products and services like no other platform. You can set up your own branded microsite quickly and easily and connect with a new pool of potential customers in a growing industry.

As well as receiving payment at the time of sale, you can access tools and resources to help you generate leads, provide quotes, set up meetings and integrate sales with your systems such as HubSpot and Zoho. We also provide you with extra marketing and advertising opportunities to help you reach even more healthcare professionals and industry groups.