Revolutionising precise procedures

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Epworth HealthCare is bringing the latest technology to the operating theatre in the complex field of interventional pulmonology.

Dr Nicholas Wilsmore, a renowned expert in respiratory and sleep medicine, is leading the way at the Victorian private hospital group's Epworth Eastern site in Melbourne.

A specialist in interventional pulmonology – which deals with diseases involving the respiratory tract – he is seeking to establish new standards using the facility's new advanced imaging equipment.

“This innovative robotic imaging technology within our hybrid theatre is revolutionising the way precise and intricate procedures are conducted,” Dr Wilsmore said. 

“Particularly, in the field of interventional pulmonology, where the smallest detail can impact patient outcomes, this technology's precision is paramount.

“It allows us to delve deeper into diagnoses and treatments, providing patients with more effective and less invasive options.”

The advanced system now in use at Epworth Eastern features augmented fluoroscopy and airway mapping, which enables Dr Wilsmore to perform interventions with increased accuracy, transforming the diagnoses and treatment of respiratory conditions.

The system could also bring about new techniques to treat early-stage lung cancer.

Dr Wilsmore was recently awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Epworth Medical Foundation, which enabled him to travel to NTU Park Biomedical Hospital in Taiwan.


While there, Dr Wilsmore learned from other global practitioners in interventional pulmonology, expanding the potential for advances procedures at Epworth.

Epworth Eastern's Executive General Manager, Ashley Wheeler, said Dr Wilsmore was leading the way in this area of medicine.

“The integration of this technology and Dr Nicholas Wilsmore’s expertise signifies a leap forward in interventional pulmonology at Epworth,” he said.

“As we advance patient care, we are confident that this new system will lead to new diagnostics and treatment for respiratory health.”


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