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Philips DPM-8900 Conference Recording Kit

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Record meetings, interviews & conferences

The innovative Philips DPM-8900 PocketMemo Meeting Recorder allows you to capture everyone's ideas in excellent audio quality, no matter where they are seated around the table. The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of use.

Included with the kit is a range of valuable accessories that allow you to tailor your recording system to each individual meeting and interview - be it one-on-one or a large scale conference.

4 x Conference Microphones

The included 4 x Philips 9172 boundary conference microphone feature a 360° pick up that can 'daisy-chain" together for greater coverage.  Connect up-to-6 microphones off the one recorder

Huge recording capacity

The huge 32GB SD memory card is exchangeable, allow you to more memory if required.  The hi-capacity, internal LI-ion battery is rechargeable via USB and AC and provides up to 30 hours of recording per charge and has a standby time of more than 200 days.  The DPM-8900 recorder can also run from mains AC power which is ideal for longer meetings.

Industry standard  recording formats

Chose to recording in the industry formats for voice recording - DSS / DSSPro (DS2) or chose MP3 or PCM modes.  In addition the SpeechExec allows you to convert files once download.