Philips LFH9162 Telephone Pickup Microphone

$59.09 Excl GST

Record telephone conversations & interviews

Never miss a word

The Philips LFH-9162 Telephone Pickup Microphone captures both sides of the conversation from either your desk phone or your mobile.

  • Retractable cable
  • Plug & Play
  • Super sensitive microphone
  • Works with desk phones & mobiles
  • Record using any recording device with a 3.5mm microphone jack

Record phone conversations directly to any recording device with a 3.5mm socket

The Telephone Pickup Microphone allows telephone conversations to be recorded easily. Just plug it into your voice recorder and put the earpiece into your ear. The Telephone Pickup Microphone captures both sides of the conversation clearly.

Easy handling with retractable cord

The practical retractable cord makes handling the pickup microphone a pleasure.

Simple plug-and-play installation

Convenient and simple plug-and-play installation.

Super-sensitive microphone

The Super-sensitive microphone captures every spoken word in outstanding quality.

Comfortable in-ear experience

The handy pickup microphone comes with soft and ergonomically shaped earplugs for optimal user experience.

Plug-in power system requires no batteries

No batteries required. Just plugin and use instantly.

Suitable for all telephones

The Telephone Pickup Microphone is suitable for all telephones including smartphone / mobile phones, home phones or softphone with headset and therefore allows you to record all your important conversations without an adapter.