Philips SMP-4010 SpeechMike Premium Air - Slide

$477.27 Excl GST

Highest quality dictation audio = premium accuracy results for Dragon

The best wireless microphone designed for speech recognition

Record your voice using a premium decoupled studio-quality microphone with a built-in noise reduction filter and achieve exceptional speech recognition results. Thanks to the revolutionary patented lossless speech technology, the SpeechMike Premium Air offers maximum mobility without any compromises. The device achieves the same high speech recognition performance as the standard SpeechMike Premium with a cable.

The SpeechMike Premium Air includes a superior docking station for high-speed charging and simple pairing between different docks in your practice.  The optional foot control socket enables hands-free recording and control.

When travelling, simply connect the optional AirBridge Wireless Adapter to use your SpeechAir without the need of the dock.

Designed for accurate speech recognition

The SpeechMike Premium has reached its highest stage of evolution. Benefit from all advantages of the industry-leading dictation microphone, without the constraints of a cable.

  • Wireless dictation with patented Lossless™ technology
  • Slide control
  • Decoupled studio-quality microphone - designed for speech recognition
  • Modes include; Dragon Mode, HID & Custom via SpeechControl
  • Integrated "touch-sensor" for intuitive mouse control
  • Microphone pop filter eliminates unwanted noise
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • 2-year warranty