CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer

$1,265.00 Excl GST

The Clinitek Status+ urinalysis is designed to improve point of care urine testing in an easy to use, automated analyser delivering quick, accurate and reliable results.  

Test strips used:

Multistix 10SG - reliable testing for UTI, Diabetes, kidney disorders etc. 10 tests for important markets on one strip (Order Code: SIE1034754)

Clinitek Microalbumin 2 - Albumin, Creatine and Albumin to Creatinine ratio testing (Order Code: SIE10317957)

Clinitest hCG. - Pregnancy test (Order Code: SIE10310618)

Thermal printer chart paper, pack of 5 (Order Code: SIE10328736)


- Dimensions (D*W*H): 27.2*17.1*15.8 cm
- Weight: 1.66 kg
- Self Calibrating


- Broadest menu for point of care urinalysis on one analyser
- Touch screen
- Automated quality check on every test
- Consistent interpretation of results
- Automatically times and reads every specimen
- Delivers faster, fully documented and more accurate results than those achieved by visual reading
- Auto-detects type of strip used
- Provides printed records
- Up to 950 patient tests can be stored
- Free of charge On-line training
- 12 Months Warranty