CoaguChek Pro II Diagnostic Meter c/w W-LAN Professional Use Only

$862.80 Excl GST

The Roche CoaguChek® Pro II brings lab accurate results to an ergonomic hand held device. Designed for medical professional use only.


- Dimensions : 187 mm x 97 mm x 43 mm
- Weight: 280g without batteries
- Operating Voltage: Rechargeable internal battery pack
- Average Battery Time: 60 PT/INR tests or 20 aPTT/measuring time of 5min
- Sample Type: Side and top options, with arterial, venous or capillary blood
- In built Quality Control (QC) in each testing strip
- Memory Capacity: 2000 patients and 500 QC results
- Reporting range of: 0.8 -8.0 INR.
- Results displayed: International Normailzed Ratio (INR), calculated seconds


- Laboratory accurate results in 1 minute from a hand held device- Ergonomically designed
- Intuitive touchscreen providing step by step instruction
- Built in 2D bar code reader
- Connectivity through wireless technology
- Operator lock out restricts use to trained staff only
- Only requires a 8uL sample of blood
- Supports VKA therapy monitoring in professional treatments
- 12 month warranty