OWEAR Impervious Gown Sof-Cuff AAMI Level 2 Regular Size Yellow Non-Sterile

$126.07 Excl GST

A disposable non-sterile, yellow impervious isolation gown that has been chemically tested and suitable for hospital, medical and laboratory settings 



      Standard Compliance
      - ISO16603, ISO16604 and ISO6529 standards
      - AAMI Level 2 -Liquid Barrier Performance


      - Impervious and chemically tested
      - Waterproof
      - Two back ties to fit comfortably
      - Velcro fastener neck to prevent hole loop slipping
      - Soft cotton cuffs (Sof-cuff)
      - Tested for Chemotherapy use
      - Australian made
      - TGA registered
      - Size: Regular
      - non-sterile gowns x 10
      - * Impervious when donned with gloves