Spot 4400 Vital Signs Monitor c/w NIBP & Suretemp Themometry

$1,925.00 Excl GST

The Hillrom Welch Allyn 4400 spot Vital Signs Monitor with SureBP Blood Pressure and SureTemp Thermometry gives you a simple, all-in-one, touchscreen solution for measuring patient vital signs.




- Dimensions: (H*W*D): 25.7cm * 23.6cm * 12.4cm
- Weight: 1.7kg (including battery)
- Power Source: Mains power with rechargeable battery
- Average Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of operation
- BP Range: (Adult and Paediatric): 30 to 260 mmHg (Sys) and 20 to 220 mmHg (Dia).
- BP determination time: Typical 15 seconds, Maximum 150 seconds
- Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) range: 23 to 230mmHG (Adult and Paediatric)
- Pulse Rate Range (Using Blood Pressure Determination): 40 to 200 bpm (Adult and Paediatric)
- Pulse Pressure Accuracy (Using Blood Pressure Determination): ± 5% (± 3 bpm)
- Temperature Range: 26.7°C to 43.3°C
- Supplied with: PSU & Power cable, Adult 11 Cuff, separate BP Hose (connects cuff to machine), Thermometer (Single pack of probe covers)


- 7" colour touchscreen for a simplified workflow
- SureBP technology can record blood pressure in just 15 seconds
- BP averaging, helps ensure accurate hypertension detection
- SureTemp Plus oral/axillary thermometry
- Options for documenting patients observations (like respiration rate and BMI)
- EMR connectivity (via USB) helps the care team avoid documentation errors
- NiBP module is compatible with the Welch Allyn Flexiport cuff range.
- Desk Stand or Mobile Stand mounting options available
- Can be incorporated in to the 777 Wall System
- 2 year warranty
- 3 year warranty on Reusable FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff
- 1 year warranty on other accessories (incl. battery)



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