SureTemp Plus 690 Digital Thermometer

$368.20 Excl GST

The SureTemp Plus 690 is a portable, intuitive, easy to use digital thermometer. With a large LCD screen and the ability to take fast accurate temperature measurements.

The SureTemp 690 is perfect for hospital and large clinic use as it can provide 4 second oral, 10 second rectal, 10 second paediatric axillary and 15 second adult axillary readings. 



- Dimensions (H*W*D): 215mm * 81mm * 62mm
- Weight: 360g
- Power Source: 3 x AA batteries
- Average Battery Life: Approx 6000 readings
- Temperature Range: 26.7°C - 43.3°C
- Calibration Accuracy: ± 0.1°C


- Easy to use and read with a large LCD screen.
- Removable probe well and probe to decrease the risk of cross contamination.
- Fast reliable readings - 4 second oral, 10 second paediatric axillary, 15 second adult axillary
- Selective modes for infant and adult patients.
- Push button for easy ejection of used probe covers.
- 2 year limited device warranty.
- 1 year limited probe warranty.



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