VERSA Towel 4210 Small 24.5 x 41.5cm 100 perforated sheets per roll

$89.01 Excl GST

The white 2-Ply high-quality crepe wadding Versa towel provides excellent strength and absorbency. The soft and bulky crepe towel is gentle on the skin without chafing from frequent hand drying.

Can be used across a wide range of medical and non-medical applications as a soft absorbent hand towel or hygenic surface protection.


- 24.5cm x 41.5m roll
- 2-Ply crepe wadding towel
- 100 sheets per roll 24.5cm x 41.5cm


- Perforated roll for ease of use
- Provides excellent absorbency and strength
- Softness ensuring user comfort
- Dispensers available
- Carton of 16 rolls