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Cosmos Magazine is an award-winning science magazine, published in Australia but with a global reach. Cosmos Magazine presents the exciting world of science in a way that everyone can enjoy, with beautiful pictures and clear explanations of the latest developments. Discover the universe around you and what makes it tick. Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Want to feel good about the world again? What better way than with Cosmos - the science of everything amazing. In issue 102: What does the future hold, and how clearly can science see ahead? Issue 102 looks back to look forward. Drew Rooke delves into the fascinating origins of the climate models predicting our future on this planet; Sara Webb explains how a galaxy-sized telescope is finding gravitational waves that may change physics; Natalie Parletta visits the World Vegetable Center Genebank to meet the hunters and gatherers of the planet’s edible plants; Manuela Callari and Mark Pesce look at two innovations in medical research - the quest to restore sight, and the use of AI in clinical diagnoses; and everyone’s favourite meteorologist Nate Byrne unpacks the new words coined to explain our changing weather. Join us to look toward the horizon of the future. Please allow up to 10-13 weeks for your first delivery.##

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