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Subscribe now, and we’ll deliver thoughtfully curated Pamper Gifts to your doorstep, ensuring you relish moments of blissful "me" time. IN THE PARCEL Unveiling the Special Edition Pamper Gifts, a premier self-care package meticulously crafted to help you unwind, rejuvenate, and embrace your best self. This opulent assortment of premium beauty and wellness products is enriched with good-for-you ingredients, ensuring a relaxation-infused experience that leaves you refreshed and with a radiant glow! Featuring 5 to 7 thoughtfully chosen items valued at over $170 +, Special Edition Pamper Box is tailor-made for those seeking a delightful escape into me-time. Each product is selected with care to create a comprehensive at-home spa experience, inviting you to revel in much-needed self-care. Ready to savor moments of tranquility? Every Pamper gift is presented for a luxurious unboxing encounter, containing 5 to 7 travel-sized and full-sized beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products handpicked from premium, predominantly Australian boutique brands. We diligently seek out exquisite pamper products, curate them to complement a seasonal theme, meticulously package them, and deliver them to your doorstep, saving you the time and effort of shopping for these items yourself. Enjoy complimentary shipping within Australia. (N.B: The display photo shows the contents of a previous box. Actual content will vary each Quarter.) Please allow up to 2-5 weeks for your first delivery.##

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