Vanity Fair (UK) - 12 Month Subscription

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GET A SUBSCRIPTION TO VANITY FAIR - THE ICONIC MAGAZINE Vanity Fair is unique. No other magazine combines the grit of serious newspaper with the glamour of a glossy in quite the same way. A subscription to Vanity Fair brings you the magazine that is home to a matchless stable of award-winning writers and photographers, many of them household names. These are men and women who break and make the news. In terms of access and depth - the extraordinary lengths our contributors go to get under the skin of a story, to investigate the big issues thoroughly and intelligently - Vanity Fair is in a league of its own. Simply put, readers who care about what is going on in the world care what is in Vanity Fair, and a subscription to this magazine is a must-have. The magazine reaches opinion-formers all over the world, who value its breadth and seriousness as well as its wit, its style and its sense of humour. First published in 1991 by Condé Nast Publicatioins, Vanity Fair magazine, as well as its American counterpart, is no stranger to controversy. Not afraid to push the boundaries and go the extra distance to expose the truth or cover the sensitive subject, Vanity Fair magazine is renowned world wide for its groundbreaking content. Vanity Fair magazine is simply not to be missed, so invest in a subscription today and get this iconic magazine delivered straight to your door every month. Please allow up to 10-13 weeks for your first delivery.##

Subscription Details : 12 Months/10 issues
Delivery Information : Please allow up to 10-13 weeks for your first delivery.