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WILDLIFE AUSTRALIA is Australia's longest-running nature magazine, first published in 1963 by the not-for-profit Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld. Featuring riveting articles by expert naturalists and researchers, and showcasing images by many of this continent's most skilled nature photographers, the magazine is also a vehicle for protecting Australia's threatened plants and animals. Each issue is a journey of discovery, promising fascinating facts on topics including animal senses, bizarre behaviours and defences, habitats, environmental philosophy, space and weather, climate change, conservation innovations, Australian history and Indigenous culture and heritage. Better still, all proceeds fund conservation and research efforts for species such as quolls, gliders and the platypus as well supporting advocacy for better protection of marine and terrestrial habitats. Every reader makes a difference, furthering our commitment to protecting Australia's amazing flora and fauna for generations to come. Subscribe today! Please allow up to 4-7 weeks for your first delivery.##

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