Car Loans

We’ve been helping medical professionals get finance for decades and arranging car loans is one of our favourite pastimes.
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Whether you just want something to get you from A to B, or that dream ride you saw yourself in as a kid, the team at Credabl can make it happen.

We're dedicated to providing cost effective solutions that take hours not weeks. That's right, it really is that easy. Often financials aren't needed, and we’ll liaise with the dealer too! Just leave it to us and you’ll be on the road in no time.

When it comes to structuring your finance, be it a Lease, Chattel Mortgage, Novated Lease or HirePurchase, we’ll find the solution for you!

Product Features
  • $1 borrowed = 1 Qantas Point*
  • Often no forms to complete
  • Detailed financials not required in most cases
  • Flexible payment terms available
  • Finance available for new or used and private sales