Overdraft Facilities

In a nutshell, instead of borrowing money to purchase an asset, you borrow money to have readily available cash - and ease the burden of day-to-day expenses involved in running a practice.
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Convincing a bank to loan you cash can be a challenging negotiation. That’s where we come in. The team at Credabl has been working with medical professionals for decades examining the smallest details to ensure a trouble-free ride to prosperity.

Whether you have a short or long term need for cash flow, we have the solution! There are secured or unsecured loans, facilities with ongoing fees or no fees, interest only or principal and interest rates, security or no security, and so on.

Whatever your circumstances, we take the time to understand your specific needs both present and future! This is what we do every day. And we do it well.

Product Features
  • $1 borrowed = 1 Qantas Point*
  • Lower interest rates than a traditional overdraft
  • Ability to lower your interest bill, fees and charges
  • No need to use your home as security