Clinical Coding

Aircoder works with any coding system or rules set and learns your nuances as it goes, getting better and more accurate the more you feed it.
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Key Features

  • Codes to any code set – ICD – 9,10,11 (AM or CM or WHO or any version), CPT, ACHI, Snomed-CT and more. You can choose multiple code sets simultaneously if you want.
  • Applies coding rules.
  • Includes over 10 years of actual data written by doctors from multiple countries, including their unique misspellings and acronyms.
  • Bulk upload thousands of episodes and it will code them while you sleep!
  • In-built confidence algorithm – our team works in the background teaching the system when a low confidence rating is returned.
  • Fully supervised system with no extra work or cost to you. A perfect hybrid of artificial intelligence and first-class service delivery.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Get consistent, correctly coded, precious data about your population.
  • Handles misspellings, contextual relevance, age and gender and even different geographies.
  • Perfect for high volume settings such as outpatients.
  • Aircoder does not need coders to input data.
  • Helps identify poor clinical documentation such as when there is insufficient information to code a diagnosis or procedure.
  • Integration available with any EMR.