The site you operate from not only determines the longevity and future value of your practice but represents one of the largest investments you will ever make.
We take the time to learn and analyse your needs and make recommendations based on your individual goals and purchasing power.
We have in house pricing experts so we know the real value of a site prior to negotiation. Our involvement protects you from agent tactics and affords you anonymity to ensure you are not 'priced by profession' and your financial parameters remain confidential.
The construction process for new builds or renovations is a tedious and difficult process to navigate. We established this service as a result of constant frustrations faced by clients who were managing projects themselves.
We review your existing property portfolio and provide an independent assessment of your assets. We assess risk indicators, growth drivers, asset restructuring, portfolio expansion, development feasibility and diversification to ensure confidence in your decision to hold, sell or develop.

Through sound strategies, we help many individuals and practice owners grow through tax efficiency and smart investing.

Time consuming and emotionally challenging, the property market is difficult to navigate and buying a home is a process that can consume your precious time, whilst having the potential to be risky and expensive if you get it wrong.
Our ultimate goal is to find you an investment property that meets your financial and strategic objectives. We cater for all property investment strategies; from active to passive, positive cash flow to growth.
We provides a Commercial Buyers agent service to assist you in navigating the complex commercial markets and asset type, whether its office, retail, industrial or tennanted investments 1group's team will help you in sourcing on and off market opportunities in line with your property profile
Expanding, setting up or relocating an existing practise, we can assist you in choosing the ideal location. We will examine key drivers such as demographics, medicare data, competitors, patent and referrer mapping, population changes, and zoning and then overlay the data with an appropriate property strategy.
We explore pre-market, on-market and off-market opportunities, proactively research lease expiry data and ensure all key agents in the areas of scope know exactly what to look for.
Whether it’s assessing planning, competition, parking, signage, fit-out, permits, exposure, transport, outgoings, pricing, demographics or growth drivers we have team to ensure you approach your acquisition with the utmost confidence.
Leasing is fraught with danger with no two leases ever being alike. While many prospective tenants focus on negotiating financial incentives we focus on the most important aspect of lease negotiation which is securing favourable terms that ensure the viability, security and flexibility for the future of your practice.