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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use digital voice recorder, consider an Olympus digital voice recorder that comes packed with a long list of useful features including high storage, excellent recording quality, and a user-friendly interface with which you can easily create high-quality audio files on the go. Whether you use a recorder with dictation software or as a stand-alone device for speech recognition software, you should buy Olympus digital voice recorder. A portable doctor's voice recorder from Olympus is always the right choice.

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Digital dictation is the right solution for improved efficiency in the workplace, and Olympus digital voice recorder is one of the most advanced technologically on the market. By involving a doctor's voice recorder in your healthcare practices, you can manage your time and patients more effectively and efficiently.

Improve Your Accuracy for Claims

Use the best digital voice recorder from MedicMall and get clear digital recordings that are always accurate for insurance companies. Save your recordings in digital files for use in the future. Electronically saved files will be readily available as and when required.

Faster Processing With a Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus digital voice recorder offers a great advantage, while using a doctor’s voice recorder; you can immediately download and send an electronically saved file to your transcriptionist upon completion. It means that the transcriptionist can begin their work faster and you save time in delivering voice recordings.

Draw Edited Excerpts for Future Reference

Electronic files containing voice recordings can be re-opened for editing and drawing excerpts as references for future needs. All original electronic files are saved for future reference. With the best digital voice recorder, you can open any recorded file, draw any moment in the recording even modify the moment according to your needs.


Q: How Many Electronic Files Could A Digital Voice Recorder Save?
A: 60 minutes of track 24-bit 48 kHz BWAV audio consumes about 1GB of storage and an Olympus digital voice recorder comes with 4GB memory. It can save more voice recordings.
Q: How to Share Recorded Files with Clinic Staff?
A: Integrate the software of your doctor's voice recorder with the clinic’s software to share the transcription work, monitor the status of recordings, and prioritize the work for quick completion.
Q: How to Edit Recorded Files?
A: Download an original file on your Olympus digital voice recorder, pinpoint the moment you want to draw, and modify the moment as desired. The modified file can be uploaded and used whenever required.
Q: What Is The Safety Of Digital Recorded Files?
A: The best digital voice recorder will encrypt the digital recordings to keep them out of the reach of hackers. Also, some recording devices come with PIN codes for authorized access only.
Q: What Is The Sound Quality Of A Digital Voice Recorder?
A: Sound clarity is one of the strong points of an Olympus digital voice recorder. This expertly-designed microphone efficiently blocks the intrusion of unwanted sounds including environmental sounds, capturing only the information you want to record.