ABPM Reusable Blood Pressure Cuff Adult 24-32 cm for ABPM-7100

$127.80 Excl GST

Reusable blood pressure cuff for use on the ABPM-7100 (S) supplied complete with tube and connection that offers durable design and FlexiPort compatibility.



Variant Description

Hillrom Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Cuff FlexiPort Series for ABPM7100 (S) - Small Adult: 20-24cm


- Small Adult Size 10: 20 -24 cm
- Adult Size 11: 24 -32 cm
- Large Adult Size 11L: 32 -38 cm
- Extra Large Adult Size 12: 38 -55 cm


- Supplied with BP tubing and connector compatible with the ABPM-7100 & ABPM-7100S
- Compliant with latest clinical guidelines from AAMII and AHA for proper fit
- Maximised patient comfort and reduced risk of scrapes and cuts due to folded edge design
- Latex free minimising risk of allergic reactions
- Improved patient comfort, cuff durability and stress on tubing due to rotatable port
- Changing of cuffs faster and easier due to easy one hand attachment/detachment of tubing
- Durable to meet harsh clinical environments
- Colour coded primary sizes to aid correct cuff use
- 3 year warranty

AMA Product

Adult: 24-32cm