Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning your carpet to look like new again. We offer Carpet Steam Cleaning, Shampooing & Stain Treatment service.
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Our eco-friendly steam cleaning solutions ensure the safety of your carpets along with no harmful effects on your employees and visitors. we offer you a complete range of carpet cleaning solutions.

In the carpet shampooing process, filling in the shampoo solution inside the carpet cleaning machines comes out from the bristles of the brush rinsing the dirty surface of the carpet. It is very effective and useful in the removal of carpet odours. We have all the requirements to accomplish this process and free your carpets from dirt and stains.

We also offer a hot water extraction method for cleaning your home carpets. In this method, we pump in steam water inside the layers of your carpets which unsettle the dirt and stains particles. Then, we use a cleaning solution and stain remover products on the carpet and rinse the carpet with a rotary machine. Later on, our powerful water extraction equipment suck out all the dirty waters. This would also extract out germs, bacteria & allergens from your carpet.