We provide routine and general cleaning of horizontal surfaces, floors, internal walls and windows, breakout and kitchen areas, and washrooms.
We provide decontamination cleaning for COVID-19, disinfecting cleaning, and pandemic cleaning (for positive cases of COVID-19.
Deep cleaning of hard floors. Stripping and refinishing of hard floor finishes and recoating hard floor finishes.
Spot sanitisation and disinfection cleaning services.
Hot water high pressure cleaning for floors, walls, furniture and upholstery.
Deep cleaning your carpet to look like new again. We offer Carpet Steam Cleaning, Shampooing & Stain Treatment service.
We provide hygiene services and sanitary bins.
We provide recycling and general waste removal services from your medical practice.
We provide an array of cleaning consumables to suite your budget and needs.
We work with you to focus on your eco-friendly cleaning program to meet your environmental initiatives.