Source HR Employee Handbook

A single source of truth for all your company information and workplace arrangements. We can create a tailored, all-in-one guide for your employees, to ensure everyone is on the same page. Streamline onboarding, create a culture aligned to your business goals and values, and mitigate risk by ensuring all your employees know what they need to be safe and productive.
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Adapted to your business, your Employee Handbook will reflect your brand, and be a valuable reference guide for all employees.

Your Handbook will introduce employees to your business’ unique workplace requirements and culture and include 10 HR policies that have been created by our HR specialists, in consultation with our employment lawyers. The policies are fully up to date with the latest developments in employment law and HR best practice and are tailored to your business.

We can create a handbook from scratch, or review and develop what you already have, to ensure it is comprehensive, best practice, legally compliant and professionally produced.

What’s included? The Handbook typically includes:

  1. A personal welcome to employees
  2. About your business, mission, values
  3. Culture matters
  4. Working at your business information
  5. Code of conduct
  6. Bullying, harassment and discrimination policy
  7. Workplace health & safety policy
  8. Drug and alcohol policy
  9. Remote working policy
  10. Flexible working arrangements policy
  11. Leave policy
  12. Internet, e-mail and telephone policy
  13. Application of company policies and procedures
  14. Breach of company policies and procedures